Name Focus Title
Abdoulmoumine, Nourredine (Nour)   Biomass Conversion  Assistant Professor 
Ayers, Paul   Machine systems  Professor 
Buchanan, John   Wastewater Management  Associate Professor 
Burns, Robert     Professor 
Buschermohle, Michael (Mike)   Precision Agriculture  Professor 
Carrier, Danielle (Julie)     Professor and Head 
Collier, Charles (Pat)   Nanofabrication Research  Adjunct Professor 
Dabney, Seth   Research Agronomist  Adjunct Professor 
DeBruyn, Jennifer   Environmental Microbiology  Associate Professor 
Drumm, Eric   Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics  Professor 
Duncan, Lori   Row Crop Sustainability  Extension Specialist I 
Eash, Neal   Soil Science  Professor 
Essington, Michael   Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy  Professor 
Foy, Sharon     Business Manager 
Freeland, Robert (Rob)   Biological Instrumentation  Professor 
Grandle, George   Livestock Production Systems  Associate Professor, Post retirement appointment 
Gu, Baohua   Environmental Biogeochemistry  Joint Professor 
Hart, William (Willie)   Power and machinery  Associate Professor 
Hawkins, Shawn   Animal waste management  Associate Professor 
Hayes, Douglas (Doug)   Biological process engineering  Professor 
Hicks, Bruce     Adjunct Associate Professor 
Jackson, Samuel     Adjunct Research Assistant Professor 
Jagadamma, Sindhu   Soil Management  Assistant Professor 
Keenan, Sarah   Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, paleobiology  Post-Doc 
Konkel, Julie     Post Doc 
Kozlowski, Brian     Research Associate II 
Labbe, Nicole (Niki)   Bioenergy  Adjunct Professor 
Lee, Jaehoon   Environmental soil physics  Associate Professor 
Leib, Brian   Irrigation & water management  Associate Professor 
Loeffler, Frank   Governor's Chair -- Microbiology  Adjunct Professor 
Logan, Joanne   Applied climatology & climate change  Associate Professor 
Ludwig, Andrea   Ecological Engineering  Associate Professor 
Marine, Sandra (Sandy)   Graduate students, department travel  Administrative Support Assistant III 
Mayes, Melanie     Joint Assistant Professor 
McClellan, Hannah     Research Assistant 
McNeany, Steve     Research Professor 
Melnichenko, Galina   Water quality lab manager  Research Associate II 
Newton, Darwin   State soil scientist  Adjunct Professor 
Parker, Charles (Charlie)     Director, Construction Science Program 
Prather, Timothy (Tim)   Farm safety, AgrAbility, & precision ag  Extension Specialist I 
Radosevich, Mark   Soil microbiology & biochemistry  Professor 
Rucker, Lesia   Student services - undergraduate records  Administrative Support Assistant II 
Sarten, Joe   Engineer  Engineer II 
Sauer, Thomas   Research Soil Scientist USDA-ARS  Adjunct Professor 
Savoy, Hubert (Hugh)   Soil fertility/testing for sustainable production  Associate Professor, Emeritus 
Sayler, Gary   Microbiology  Adjunct Professor 
Schaeffer, Sean   Biogeochemistry  Assistant Professor 
Sherfy, Andrew     Lecturer 
Simpson, John     Research Professor 
Smith, Angela   Construction Science  Lecturer 
Smith, David   Circuits & Sensor Design  Research Associate II 
Sokhansanj, Shahab   Agricultural materials handling  Adjunct Professor 
Stewart, Melanie     Senior Research Associate 
Stinnett, Lois     Accounting Specialist II 
Tucker, Scott     Sr. Laboratory Machinist 
Tyner, John   Unsaturated flow and transport  Associate Professor 
Wadsworth, Larry   Non-wovens textiles  Adjunct Professor 
Walker, Forbes   Environmental soil science  Associate Professor 
Wang, Sherry     Adjunct Professor 
Webb, Erin   Agricultural Engineer  Joint Professor 
Wilkerson, John   Sensor development  Professor 
Womac, Alvin (Al)   Equipment performance & environmental impact  Professor 
Wright, Wesley   Instrumentation, soil & water management  Research Associate I 
Xhaferaj, Artan     Administrative Specialist I 
Ye, Xiaofei (Philip)   Value-added bioprocess engineering  Professor 
Yoder, Daniel   Soil and water engineering  Professor 
Zahn, James   Microbiology  Adjunct Professor 
Zhuang, Jie (Joe)   Fate and transport of envir. contaminant  Professor 
68 records.

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