We seek to lead in creative, productive research in the following broad areas:
  • Soil Conservation and Health -- nutrient management, carbon sequestration, conservation agriculture, soil chemistry, soil minerology, soil microbiology, water quality, climatology. [Faculty members: DeBruyn, Drumm, Eash, Essington, Hawkins, Jagadamma, Logan, Radosevich, Savoy, Schaeffer, Walker]
  • Soil Hydrology and Water Management -- unsaturated flow, contaminant fate and transport, stormwater management and hydrology, soil mechanics and geotechnics, irrigation, erosion control. [Faculty members: Drumm, Leib, Ludwig, Tyner, Yoder, Zhuang]
  • Waste Management -- livestock waste management, onsite wastewater treatment, waste reclamation and conversion. [Faculty members: Buchanan, Hawkins, Walker]
  • Bio-processing and Biomass Conversion -- biological and thermochemical biomass conversion, biomass fractionation, development of novel uses for biomass fractions. [Faculty members: Abdoulmoumine, Buschermohle, Carrier, Hayes, Ye]
  • Power and Machinery -- machine systems, off-road vehicle performance, equipment performance, biomass harvest and processing, biomass logistics of agricultural-produced plant materials. [Faculty Members: Ayers, Hart, Womac]
  • Instrumentation, Sensors, and Control Systems -- precision agriculture, environmental mapping and geographic information systems, sensor development, process control, sampling technologies. [Faculty members: Buschermohle, Freeland, Wilkerson]
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